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Summer Fun

Thank you to all of our guests for coming and making summer 2015 a memorable one!  Our last chuckwagon for the season was Tuesday September 1st.  See ya'll this winter or next summer.

Chuck Wagon Dinner and Wild West Show Presents a Taste of the Old West

Take a buckboard wagon to our summer camp site for an old-fashioned evening of games, barbecue dinner, and an energetic Wild West Show that will keep the whole family entertained.

Our draft mule-team -drawn wagons take guests from the parking area to our camp site through unmatched Rocky Mountain scenery. Spend some time in the game corral before dinner, playing cowboy golf, cornhole toss, horseshoes, and practicing your ropin’. If you are getting hungry, enjoy homemade biscuits and honey, while the 2 Below Zero staff put the final touches on your barbecue dinner.

Our Wild West Show is a highlight of many visitors’ summer vacation in Colorado. The Jackman Brothers put on an engaging performance that is fun for all ages. You might even find members of your family drawn into the onstage merriment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make the 2 Below Zero Chuckwagon Dinner a part of your summer in Breckenridge. Our seating is limited, so make your reservations early by calling 970-453-1520. Or use our online form here to request a reservation.

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What Guests Say

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I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face. My family attended the yummy bbq dinner and watched Sheriff and Dirty Dog duke it out. They were great to engage the audience, and keep us laughing throughout their show. Before dinner the family got to play some old fashioned games and have warm biscuits as appetizers. I highly recommend this evening. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, the food was yummy, and the show was entertaining for all.”Guest from San Diego, CA
A wonderful, fun night. We went to the 2 Below Zero Chuck Wagon Dinner not sure what it was going to be. What a wonderful evening! It is not just for families with kids – it was a great night of fun. Beautiful scenery, excellent weather, no waiting around. Had a great time playing horseshoes and enjoying biscuits and honey before the meal. Food was delicious and great quality. Western show with the Jackman Brothers was outstanding! Everyone working there was helpful and friendly. It was an awesome experience and well worth the time and money. Try it you’ll love it!”Guest from Farmington, IL